Welcome to my nature photography store! Please enjoy looking at some of the “strangest of the strange” in insect wildlife. There are also panoramic scenes from mostly little known places in South America. I specialize in macro photography of exotic tropical insects and in panoramic photography using a realistic high dynamic range technique. The insect photos have been taken in many areas of Colombia, including the Amazon region, and also in tropical Ecuador and Peru. The panoramic photos have been taken in these same areas as well as in other countries.

Acquiring information about insects and their scientific identification has been an important part of my photographic orientation. Classifying insects is a very complex undertaking and thanks to the generous help of many outstanding entomologists, the majority of the captions contain identifications, many to the species level. It is fitting that each insect has its’ proper name since one can consider that as a sign of recognition and respect. It is more distinguished to be known, for example, as “Cladonota biclavata of the Membracidae family” than as an unnamed "bug."

I am very proud of the insect photos in this collection. My assistant and I have traveled extensively, searched endlessly, and have developed many techniques in order to take the best possible photos of living and very active insects. No doubt, many of the insects shown here have been seen by very few people and many of these insects have rarely been seen before in photographs, and some never.


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